Garner provides collaboration software solutions for the oil, gas, mining and pipelines industries.  Major capital projects in these industries face demanding challenges as project complexity escalates.   Garner’s software provides a neutral platform for ground-breaking project data management and visibility across the supply chain to allow owners to effectively manage risk, costs and performance.

Numerous independent studies confirm what capital project owners know from experience: cost and schedule overruns are high, and universal. Alberta-based projects experience cost overruns between 20% and 100%, with an average overrun at just below 40%.   Garner helps address this by providing data continuity throughout the supply chain to drive positive results for schedule, labour efficiency, transportation costs, and construction costs.

While logistics accounts for a small percentage of overall project costs, the timely delivery of materials affects capital projects across the board.  Logistics impact every real world construction component, yet logistics teams have poor information visibility to dynamically manage shipments. When project participants don’t know what is happening in the supply chain, productivity plummets, construction costs escalate, and project schedules are delayed.

Owners often attempt to divest the risk and responsibility for logistics to freight forwarders, logistics companies, or EPCs. This may help owners avoid some short-term demurrage or shipping costs, but eventually the project overruns and schedule delays caused by inefficient logistics ultimately affect the owner in the long-term. Owners still own the project risk.